Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

You may think that a midwestern, 40+ mom of four kids with bipolar I disorder and ADHD doesn’t know too much about a superb cannabis strain to treat that anxiety, but you would be wrong. I know much more than I need to about cannabis, but that’s because it’s been such a great help with both my mania and depression throughout my life. It’s also A LOT of fun to figure out what will help you with your next “bump” in the road.

Pineapple Express: Not Just A Funny Movie
No joke, Pineapple Express is my first go-to strain at a marijuana dispensary if I’m on the verge of an impending panic attack. My tone mellows and my mind frame shifts to muster through any chaotic event with clarity and calmness almost immediately. A few years back, I made the switch to vaporizers and not only have my lungs and I never looked back, but this is one of the best tasting vape hits out there to mellow out. STAT.  Here is a more objective review.

Grandaddy Purple (or GDP): Born in ’03
My husband and I got married in 2003, and this is one we both found came in handy in the short moments before we strolled down the aisle. It was a ginormous event for my parents and family, but we are anxious people and could have just as well eloped, gotten high with Elvis in Vegas and saved so much money. GDP tastes like a big bowl of berry crunch cereal and relax mode is putting it mildly. Not just my anxiety lets up and I start breathing easier, but also my whole body feels warm, calm….centered. Then I get pretty giggly, which is the BEST part of ANY high for me. I also used this bad boy during my first pregnancy when I couldn’t keep any food or liquids down and kept losing weight. After a few pulls of GDP, I become…oh, what’s the word? Snacky. (Most definitely not anxious!)
Purple Diesel: My Go-To (Back in the Day)
Not only is purple diesel somewhat similar to my GDP in flavor (and I apparently really like the grape flavor), but prepare to laugh your booty off. I used to LOVE the Sour Diesel, and this is a hybrid of SD and Bubba Kush made earlier in the ’90s (aka my HIS years). Maybe that’s why I still find uncontrollable laughter when I get a couple of good pulls off this bad boy.
That’s what I’ve gathered so far my friend. Grab a vape, have some fun and stay safe!